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Anonymous asked: Will you finaly tell us why you left King The Kid? Because it was pretty unfair to all European fans that supported you. One day it was like "fuck yeah i'm coming" and less than 24h after "sorry, i will stay here and you'll never know why". It seems like you don't care about our feelings, us and everything we did. We were there for you and you "nope i don't care". You're not the boy i used to know and it's sad.

Going to Europe and meeting the fans was an experience/adventure I was extremely looking forward to. But try to understand that life isn’t just black and white. What the public sees isn’t truly reality all of the time. 

I have been touring, making videos, interacting with fans (in-person & on the road) LOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG before KTK. And I hope that my one-on-one relationships with you all will always be a part of my life.

Me, Jose, & David are currently working on THE BEST resolution for THE FANS. Music and entertainment I’m more than certain is something we all want to pursue. As of right now, we are King The Kid. What the future holds nobody but tomorrow knows.

I love you guys. I love making people happy/laugh. I love playing drums. Life is too short to accept anything less than happiness for yourself. Sometimes big changes, in the end, are best for everybody.

-Ricky x.

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cmiad asked: Hey, Ricky! I just wanted to say I have been supporting you for over 2 years now and I will always keep supporting you. I don't know what you're going through, but I just wanted to let you know you are very loved now and forever <3.

Well that means so much! Learning that success is happiness. Nothing else =)

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Anonymous asked: How old are you?


TURNING 21 or should I say TURNING UP?

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pootwentz asked: you are my favorite human being!!!!

I’m honored! Barack Obama & Jennifer Lawrence seem pretty nice doe.

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gingaaningaa96 asked: I heard you're not going on the Europe tour. Are you leaving the band all together or is it just for this tour?

Can’t say as of right now what the future of KTK holds. The boys are playing a few shows overseas. I’m gonna keep on doing me here in the USA (making videos, playing music, working, etc…).

A resolution will come in the near future! For now, let’s all just be positive all around =) x.

Much love.